Unable to sync grounddb (2.0.0) Collection with meteor server



I am currently able to retrieve a number of Orders by use of following method and store it in a Grounded Collection:

  public initGroundedCollectionOrders() {
    if(Meteor.isClient) {
      this.newOrders = new Ground.Collection('orders', {
      Meteor.subscribe('orders', {
        onReady() {
          this.newOrders.keep(Orders.find({},{reactive: false}));
      this.newOrders.once('loaded', ()=> {console.log('loaded'); });

I want to update the status of an order which is stored in “this.newOrders”. I do it by the following:

  public updateGroundedOrder(orderid: number, status: string) {
    var test = this.newOrders.findOne(orderid);
      { $set:
        { status: status }

This seems to update the order in the Grounded collection, but doesn’t sync it with the server. How can I make sure that when the specific order in the Grounded Collection ‘orders’ is updated, it in turn is synced and updated on the server side?