Unable to use cfs:autoform

Hello there,

First post here and hopefully I might be able to get some assistance.

I have minor knowledge on development, but at least I can follow guides and make things out of it, so far I have been able to put an application that can take user’s input and some minor usage of Google’s Place API.

Majority of the app has been built on aldeed:autoform and aldeed:collection2, using gildaspk:autoform-materialize and materialize:materialize (along with iron:router, dburles:google-maps, jeremy:geocomplete and useraccounts:materialize)

All is well so far, and I need images to be associated to the posts, so I give cfs:autoform a shot. I have followed the readme on GITHUB, but once it loads the form, the place where there should have a field asking for the file to be uploaded is stuck there, with a label with the name of the field on the SimpleSchema and nothing else.

I have tried some “troubleshooting” from my end, and it seems that the issue is either on the packages I have or with something I have done.

I’ve created a simple application with only cfs:autoform and the materialize packages, and it seemed to be fine. So I don’t think the issue lies with either autoform or materialize packages (I guess?).

Hopefully from all of this, someone can either help me get the cfs:autoform package working or point me towards a simpler solution that could work just as cfs:autoform does, only sending the images on Submit.

Thanks in advance!

PS.: ofc if code is needed, I can paste some of it here, just need to know which part exactly (although the cfs:autoform is a carbon copy of the example left there (just until I get it running).

Not sure if this is helpful at all, but while taking a look at the developer console on Chrome (and other browsers, too), the field where the cfs:autoform should be renderized is not appearing at all (besides the collection2 label respective to it).

Anyone care to share your thoughts on this one?

Sharing my findings so far, it seems that gildaspk:autoform-materialize was actually to blame on this one. After removing it, I do have the File field now rendered on my template.