Unable to use CoreUI in Vue app

I’m trying to get CoreUI running in a Vue based Meteor app. Thought it should be straight forward.

My Vue code cannot compile as soon as I npm install @coreui/vue.
I’m still becoming familiar with both Vue and Meteor. Any hints about how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

My situation is simple to reproduce. Running:

meteor create coreuiVueTest --vue
cd coreuiVueTest
meteor npm install @coreui/vue

Gives me errors like:

[vue-component] Error in tag </Users/sk/temp/coreuiVueTest/node_modules/@coreui/vue/src/components/scrollbar/perfect-scrollbar/css/perfect-scrollbar.css>: File /Users/sk/temp/coreuiVueTest/node_modules/@coreui/vue/src/components/scrollbar/perfect-scrollbar/css/perfect-scrollbar.css not found.

node_modules/@coreui/vue/src/components/scrollbar exists, but sure doesn’t contain perfect-scrollbar.

Again. Any hints or direction about how to move on are greatly appreciated.

I now had it working.

Key ressources for getting there was reading the documentation at vue-meteor/packages/vue-component at master · meteor-vue/vue-meteor · GitHub . Especially the point about creating a .vueignore file to ignore node_modules/