Unable to use the latest version of React (16.2.0)


I am unable to integrate the latest version of react with my meteor code.
The meteor version I’m using is: Meteor

Here is the link for the gist which contains the error stack and a sample file on client side.

Basically, I’m getting this error:
TypeError: React.createClass is not a function

I’m not using createClass at all and still seeing this error.

Can anyone help me with this?
Have been trying to work with React 16 and Meteor since long.

Right there is your answer. You have thereactivestack:blazetoreact which requires react 15 and most likely uses the createClass method which is no longer available. Start with updating or replacing that dependency.

Hey @storyteller, thanks for the reply.
I haven’t downloaded this dependency manually.

Can you please tell me how I can update this or change it to something else?

Then you will have to figure out which of your dependency uses it.

According to Atmosphere the only dependent is okgrow:accounts-ui-react,
so try updating that if you have it.


Thanks a lot. I’ll try this tonight and share my findings.


Hey, sorry for such a late reply.

I was able to use the latest version of React after removing the okgrow:accounts-ui-react package.

Thanks once again for this @storyteller :smile:

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Oh, this React journey :fearful:
Almost like travelling on a roller coaster…