Uncaught TypeError: _jp.xxxxxx is not a function

Hi everyone - happy new year,

Since upgrading from Meteor 2.12 to 2.13 I have been setting numerous errors with a similar format to this in MontiAPM which seem to have to do with socksjs? The names of the functions seem random but all start with _jp:

Anyone have any ideas what is could be about? Should I be concerned?

I noticed there was some mention of a setting in 2.14 to possibly do with socksjs? Is that related:

You can now set DISABLE_SOCKJS_CORS=1 if you want to prevent SockJS from setting CORS headers. Do not set this option if you will have DDP clients from other origins connecting to the DDP server. PR

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Same issue here on Meteor 2.15. Errors like:

_jp.aj3dead is not a function

or sometimes:

_jp.akjq32a is not a function. (In ‘_jp.akjq32a(“o”)’, ‘_jp.akjq32a’ is undefined)

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to when these exceptions are thrown in the app’s lifecycle. Sometimes right away, sometimes after a delay.

I doubt this is CORS-related because that PR is so extremely tiny and simple, and inert if you don’t set that env variable.

Same here.

TypeError: _jp.acjgdqo is not a function
    at https://redacted/sockjs/880/cfvnhux2/jsonp?c=_jp.acjgdqo:1:9

Did anyone found solution to this? Same kind of errors are being logged for me too.