Understanding wrappers/packages

Hi all,

I’ve recently started using Meteor and most recently have been working through the testing doc (https://guide.meteor.com/testing.html). I was hoping someone could clarify the following.

I see that the testing doc suggests the package practicalmeteor:chai, however, this package hasn’t been updated since 2015 and uses chai 2.1 (it’s now up to 4.1). A user comment on the testing doc suggests using the native package though npm (meteor npm install chai). I’ve seen a few of these examples where using the native package works fine and it seems pointless using a wrapper. I’m just wondering whether there a rule-of-thumb on this issue? When should a package be used (meteor add …) over the native implementation (meteor npm install …)?


Atmosphere packages, especially ones that just wrap a npm package are effectively deprecated. The official advice is to use npm where possible

Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling this was to be the case, I just haven’t read it anywhere in the docs.

Have a look through the Meteor Guide as well, there’s more opinionated advice like this there:

Here’s the part where they talk about atmosphere vs npm