Unexpected Token E

Hello, i have a little problem with my application, it display an “Unexpected Token E” often attributed to a syntax error.

The main problem, is it restart the server as an infinite loop, but the application is working, and there is no error on the client side.

I assume the error is on the server side, but i am not able to find it after 2 days of searching.

The application is using twitter api to stream data into a feed related to a TV channel.

The app is available at http://twele.meteor.com (safari only for now) (development app ;))

The error is here : https://ui.kadira.io/et/a70380bd-8817-424a-8f4a-38638d01713f/52GnFwLk6Q4fgBCgS

As i am using twitter API i saw that i have to manage the API calls rate-limit , this should work soon :wink: