Unexpected TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

I’m getting an exception and don’t understand why. The sample code is cut down from the original, but the line in question starts let subscription=. This code is within a method so only occurs on the server side.

The failing line within Meteor subscribe():
return Meteor.subscribe.apply(Meteor, [name].concat(args.concat([{...

Here’s the traceback and code:

Exception while invoking method 'someMethod' TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
at subscribe (c:\Build\myapp\node_modules\meteor-rxjs\dist\bundles\index.umd.js:609:36)
at Observable._subscribe (c:\Build\myapp\node_modules\meteor-rxjs\dist\bundles\index.umd.js:628:30)
at ZoneOperator.call (c:\Build\myapp\node_modules\meteor-rxjs\dist\bundles\index.umd.js:695:23)
at Observable.subscribe (c:\Build\myapp\node_modules\rxjs\Observable.js:42:22)

	let list = MyCollection.find(aselector);
    let subscription= MeteorObservable.subscribe("publishedList, selector).zone().subscribe( () => {
      list = MyCollection.find(selector);
      let myArray = list.fetch();
      let item: MyItem = myArray.length > 0? myArray[0]: null;

My error. Should not be subscribing in a Meteor method.