Unhelpful errors during package build

I’m trying to publish a package, but it errors out like this:

 ❯ meteor publish --create                                                                                           [20:58:49]
trusktr:scratchpaper: updating npm dependencies -- upper-case...
=> Errors while initializing project:

While building package trusktr:scratchpaper:
path.js:313:15: Arguments to path.resolve must be strings (compiling client.module.js)
at Object.exports.resolve (path.js:313:15)
at CompileManager.sourceHandler (<runJavaScript-32>:484:18)

As you can see, the error isn’t too helpful. I believe the error is in my rocket:module package, so I might be able to hunt it down by adding console.log, publishing a new version to atmosphere, then updating the version used by trusktr:scratchpaper, but obviously that’s a whole ton of work.

Is there a way for it to give meaningful errors, so that I can tell in which dependency file the error happens?

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