Uniforms and readonly field

I’m starting to use Uniforms to render data on interface automatically, I want to show data in read only mode but I don’t find the right way to do it.
I’m tried to add “readonly” property to field

<TextField name="description" readOnly={true} />

like as

<TextField name="description" disabled={true} />

but it can’t works.
I’m a little bit confusing because I can’t find the way in official website documentation (https://uniforms.tools/) and I though is a elementary thing to do…

disabled={true} works, at least in the playground (just checked). What TextField do you use?

Yes, I know that “disabled” property works, I mean “readOnly”.
My goal is to put some field in read mode state.

As of now, disabled is your only option, but readOnly is almost there! It got requested in vazco/uniforms#674 some time ago and vazco/uniforms#835 already implements it for all themes. It’ll be part of version 3.1, planned sometime soon (3.0 is basically ready).


great ! :grinning:
Uniforms is an amazing project and I want to use like a “card” for data, then it can modify with button !
Thanx for your work !