Universe:i18n package issue when updating meteor version from 2.0 to 2.3

Currently we are using the meteor version 2.0 and for multi lang feature package universe:i18n, the implementation was working perfectly, but when trying to update the meteor version to from 2.0 to 2.3 we are facing a critical issue related to loading the language file.
Code to import language translation YML file.

import '/imports/languages/en/en.login.i18n.yml;

Error message in meteor console:

Errors prevented startup:
   While building for web.browser:
   imports/languages/en/en.login.i18n.yml: Cannot find locale for file "[object Object]".

Please advise us on this issue, Thank you.

I cannot help you with that Universe:i18n package but we’re using tap:i18n and it has not stopped working.

It seems similar as it’s also reading local files.

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Hi @suneethloremine. It looks like #132. If so, it should be fixed in v1.32.2. It has nothing to do with your Meteor update - we’ve released a new version recently and it broke for certain cases. If the issue persists, please do let us know in the issue.

In the future, please do prefer GitHub issues - we’re far more responsive there.

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Thank you, the issue has been resolved. :slight_smile: