Universe:i18n , Store translation to mongodb as collection

I am using universe:i18n package to implement multilingual functionality in my app, i have a new requirement to implement a multilingual cms system in my app, so i need to store my current translations to my mongodb for dynamically change the content.
How to store the universe:i18n translations (currently the translations are stored in YAML file) in mongodb like tap-i18n-db. Thanks in advance.

Check npm for ysml to json conversion

@rjdavid Thank you for your response , can we store this json translations to mongo db?

Yes. You can even create a collection with document keys similar to the json output.

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Thank you @rjdavid will check this

@rjdavid i have stored my translations to db but couldn’t import the translations in my react component (like importing yaml or json files) but i can add translations from db using this function // i18n.addTranslation(locale, namespace, key, …, translation);
do you have any other suggestion? Thank you.

You need to code that yourself. I am not familiar with that package so I don’t think I can help further

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@rjdavid thanks for your support :slight_smile:

That’s the proper way to do it.

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Thanks @peterfkruger