Universe:react-accordion ".then" - where to place the code?

I would like to use the package “universe:react-accordion”. I am on Meteor 1.2 and react. According to the doc, I am to use this:

System.import('universe:react-accordion').then(function(module){/* your code */})

I am not certain where I am supposed to place this. Inside my component? At the top? In the render function? Whatever I try I get an error that says is not defined.


This package use universe:modules to provide modules support in Meteor 1.2, so you need to add it to your project to make use of it.

You can read more about it over here: https://github.com/vazco/universe-modules

But if you’re starting something new, I would advice to give Meteor 1.3 RC a try and use some accordion package for React directly from npm.