Update app must delete old before deploy new


when upgrade to myapp.meteor.com I have to delete old before deploy new otherwise there is an error. That may have bug to overwrite old packages.

a meteor app deployment worked in all or nothing policy. no patch upgrade.


What is the error you get if you don’t delete the old one? To get help with your issue, it is good to give as much information as possible.


Here is the error message;


Looks like some error with meteor deploy to me, we’ll look into it! Is it possible for you to create a reproduction with a simple app?


I tested another small app it is a clone of todolist do twice meteor deploy todolist-new.meteror.com return the similar list of error message.


I changed to a faster broadband internet to testing, it worked fine now.

I looked at the code there is SetTimeOut to be set as 1 second. Is it a possible problem for slow Internet?


Interesting! But the error you are seeing doesn’t look like a timeout.


You are right. When I visited the URL online there is still no app available.