Update meteor in production environment 1.6 -> 2.2

Hello, I updated my meteor app in development from 1.6 → 2.2. I did it step by step from every version to the next with significant “Migration steps” or “Breaking Changes” in Meteor Changelog | Meteor API Docs . It was necessary to setFeatureCompatibilityVersion of the mongo DB three times like described here: Meteor Changelog | Meteor API Docs

These steps can’t be made in one, as I understand from the documentation https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/command/setFeatureCompatibilityVersion/

Is it yet possible to deploy the app with meteor 2.2 to production in one step without erasing the database?

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That is a tough question. You moved over a lot of versions. Some of them with DB changes. First step would be to try on a test environment. Unless you are doing something special in how Meteor communicates with the DB and your MongoDB is up to date, then I would say is fine, but test it thoroughly please.

Fwiw, I went from 1.8.1 to 2.2 on my production environment. I did this all in 1-step. No major issues in the actual update. I scanned through all the changelogs and couldn’t find anything urgent.

I’ve had a weird sporadic Prod-only issue that’s described here Under load, mongoDB queries may result in maximum call stack exceeded error - Drivers & ODMs - MongoDB Developer Community Forums

Haven’t found a solution yet. Hard to say if the new bug is related to my changes.

That being said, I am planning on upgrading to 2.3, but am running into some dependency issues.

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