Update Meteor's NPM to v5, it is much faster!

So I ran the following:

> meteor npm i npm -g
> meteor npm -v

haha! Woot woot! It is so much faster!!!

Is this supported by MDG?

A cool thing about NPM v5 is that it reads prepare fields from package.json for any packages that it installs from source control, so that those packages can do any sort of building and preparing when they are specifically installed from source control (for example from GitHub).

Official support for npm 5 is coming in Meteor 1.6 (alongside Node 8). You can read about it in the 1.6 pull request (ignore the Node 6 talk at the top - Node 8 came out after the PR was created, and it was decided to aim for Node 8 instead later on in the thread).


Does it speed up build/dev reload times? Or is it only when installing new packages?


Only install times probably.

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Well that’s kind of unexiting then? :stuck_out_tongue: