Update Method Not Working

Hey all! Hoping someone out there could tell me where I am going wrong with this update method:

  changeTaskDetails: function(singleID,detailsTarget){
      _id: singleID,
    }, {
        projectType: detailsTarget,

Here is the event:

  'submit #editTaskDetails'(event){

    var id = FlowRouter.getParam('taskId');
    const singleDetailsUpdate = Tasks.findOne({_id:id});

    const singleID = singleDetailsUpdate._id;
    const target = event.target;
    const facilityTarget = target.facilityName.value;
    const inspectorTargetName = target.detailsinspector.value;
    const inspectorIdTarget = target.inspectorid.value;
    const detailsTarget = target.detailstype.value;
    const dateTarget = target.TaskDate.value;

    Meteor.call("changeTaskDetails", singleID,detailsTarget);

I can get the 2 props to log…but its not updating the DB. No errors in either console.