Update on Meteor Toys + Cyber Monday Sale


Hey folks,

I hadn’t commented on Meteor Toys here for a while, so I thought I’d pop in to give a quick update. Since last posting here, version 2.0 had launched, and I’ve kicked off the Journey to Meteor Toys 3 to go into detail about the next layer of updates.

Meteor Toys 2 - https://medium.com/@msavin/meteor-toys-2-more-insanely-handy-development-tools-89ab01de1997
Journey To Meteor Toys 3 - https://medium.com/the-journey-to-meteor-toys-3/latest

There is also an SDK to build your own toys called ToyKit, and ThemeKit to help you customize the colors.

This weekend, I tweeted about a Cyber Monday sale and it went very well. It looks like a lot of people were waiting for the right opportunity to jump on them - so I thought I’d mention it here as well. The code asl would get a nice discount until Monday ends in NY.

Anyways - looking forward to rolling out 3.0, and would love to hear what you think so far!