Update the recommended version to 1.5.1

It’s still at 1.5.

I am unable to update a project to 1.5.1. Whenever I try (in Windows 10), after some waiting, nothing happens and there is no error message.

If you just update the recommended version I can uninstall Meteor and reinstall and return to productive work.

I recently updated a relatively new project to 1.5.1 on Windows 10 x64 with no issues.

Have you tried defining the version explicitly?

meteor update --release 1.5.1

Yes, as if I don’t then it tries to update to version 1.5, which has never worked for me due to a showstopper bug. It fails to update as well as described in the original post.

I’ve been waiting 7 weeks for version 1.5.1 which supposedly has the fix to the showstopper bug.