Update your Meteor Toys; there's something new waiting for you :)

Hey folks,

I’m happy to share the latest addition to Meteor Toys; AutoPub. This brings back the glory of autopublish on an on-demand basis… you just have to click a toggle and all your documents are synced to the client.

Let me know what you think over at Product Hunt :smile:


Look forward to trying it out later tonight! :smile:

edit, it is later ‘tonight’ now :smile:
Mine has updated, great to see the bug fix for trash the trash can :smile:
I don’t have the new orb in mine though…? odd.
I will try removing and re-adding the package.

edit, after removing and re-adding the package:
nope, still not seeing the auto pub orb?
anything I can do to troubleshoot this one?

@cstrat: Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I wonder if Meteor is stuck on an old version for some reason. Can you try:

 meteor add meteortoys:allthings@1.1.0

With the latest updates, it is all working now!

I have to say, you had mentioned it to me before you released the feature.
I thought it would be a nice to have thing but didn’t think it was going to be anything overly special…
After having access to it for a couple days now, it is pretty amazing how helpful it is!

Its so nice to be able to just hit that button and see Mongol fill up with data, uncheck it and go back to the usual subscription.

Great addition to the toolset!! :smile:


Boom -this kind of stuff makes my day :smile: glad you are enjoying AutoPub.

If you don’t mind I would like to put that on the Meteor Toys site :slight_smile:

Yeah no worries!!