Updated SSO - SAML v2 library

Hi everyone,

Our client is using SSO with SAML v2 and we would like them to automatically connect to / create a twin account in our meteor app if they are authenticated in their own system.

I found some old packages and ideas but nothing very much up to date. Has anyone implemented this successfully recently and could give us some leads ?

Thanks in advance,


We used using this package before. For a working MVP, all you have to do is supply it with entryPoint, issuer, cert, idpSLORedirectURL and It’d do as you wish creating a user if it’s not found. Yet, I remember that it suffered from a security issue where it fails to employ privateKeyFile/publicCertFile to properly encrypt the calls, so you need to be ready to get your hands dirty, but all in all it does most of the work for you.

Let me assert that this a while back so I’d love to hear too if someone managed to do it recently.

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