Updated to 1.4.1 and practicalmeteor:mocha tests are not running


My app is mostly working after upgrading to 1.4.1 . All packages have been updated to the latest.

The test runner starts normally. However my server-side tests are not running, with the exception of the first test of the first file. The first test ends in failure (previous to update it was passing). Worse still, I’m not getting any error messages.

I20160927-21:07:05.447(-4)? MochaRunner.runServerTests: Starting server side tests with run id r29Kznm3gKhLd28Av
W20160927-21:07:07.484(-4)? (STDERR) MochaRunner.runServerTests: failures: 1

Any ideas what could have gone wrong?


@jsep @tmeasday Thanks for your contribution to these packages. Have you noticed any changes with 1.4.1?