Updated to Meteor 1.8, build command throughs "fibers" errors

Updated to Meteor 1.8 and after building my package using the

meteor build

command, the output package does not run with

node bundle/main.js

It throws the following errors even after installing fibers a few time, even after manually removing it:

return fn.apply(this, arguments);

Error: Cannot find module “fibers/future”
at Object.require (/tools/static-assets/server/boot.js:303:24)
at packages/meteor.js:191:20
at packages/meteor.js:361:4
at apply (packages/meteor.js:1508:3)
at forEach (/tools/static-assets/server/boot.js:419:36)
at Array.forEach ()
at loadServerBundles (/tools/static-assets/server/boot.js:228:19)
at /tools/static-assets/server/boot.js:479:5
at Function.run (~/Projectpath/bundle/programs/server/tools/tool-env/profile.ts:289:14)
at /tools/static-assets/server/boot.js:478:11

Not sure if this is it, but have you checked your node version? You will need to run the app with the same version that meteor is bundled with. meteor node --version vs node --version should tell you.

Have you made sure to go into the /bundle/programs/server folder and run npm install after unpacking the build?

Thank you coagmano for reminding me to do that. However it was wasn’t related to this. I have figured out the issue. When building Meteor using meteor build command, the outputs when exported as tarball vs in a directory are different. Using tarball output like the one below works just fine when extracted and installed:

meteor build --architecture os.linux.x86_64 /path/

Versus the directory output like the one below fails to install:

meteor build --architecture os.linux.x86_64 --directory /path/

Thanks again.