Updated X-Editable (or Similar Examples)?

Hey All,

Just trying to learn a little Meteor and am trying to build a fairly simple web site. The goal of the site is to have a bunch of fields (of varying types, checkbox, radiolists, text fields, etc) that are all synchronized across multiple browsers. I made a mockup of the page using Bootstrap and X-Editable. When I started looking at Meteor I found that the synchronization part was awesome and would make this project really nice. The issue I have is with the Editable/X-Editable functionality. It seems a lot of the examples are Pre-0.8 and modules haven’t been updated in a while. Does anyone have a good suggestion on where to start with this?..


I have the same problem. Meteor seemed to lend itself so well to my project with super-easy multi-user reactivity, but then I realized it’s hard to find any input methods beyond old-school forms. My use case is I have a table that I need to be able to edit values in (not looking to re-create Google Sheets or anything, just edit the odd item like you would in X-Editable).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!