Updating DOM with saved DB values without Reactivity


I see a lot of replies about improving efficiency by removing pub/sub/reactivity when it’s not needed and switching to methods instead. That makes sense.

I have a form that contains <input>s . Their values are currently preset via Blaze and they come from Subscriptions.

The user can update an input's value, and then onBlur…the new value gets saved to the DB via a Method call.

So…reactivity is really only needed/useful here because the input's value gets automatically updated with the new saved value in the DB.

How else would this be done without reactivity then? Would I have to use jQuery and manipulate the DOM after each callback to the method that saves the value to the DB?

How were things like this even done in web dev prior to Reactive frameworks? Just a lot of code to manipulate DOM based on AJAX responses from server?