Updating meteor app in production


Hi all,

I have a meteor app running in beta on modulus.io and it is ready for production. During updates to the application, it stops for a few seconds as it gets redeployed to the servers. As you can imagine, any downtime is bad for any live application.

I am curious to see how you guys get around this issue.



I use Galaxy to get around this. It tracks each connected client to your app so when you redeploy it brings the new version up first, transfers all clients over to it smoothly, then brings the old version down.


Cool. Where is this feature described? Is it unique to Meteor or just a feature of its underlying infrastructure (AWS?)


See http://info.meteor.com/blog/announcing-meteor-galaxy (the “Tracking connected clients” section).


Hey, thanks for that! Do you know if modulus offers a similar solution? Or even a package on atmosphere?


No, sorry, I don’t know much about Modulus. I believe they recently revamped a lot of their architecture though so it’s quite possible they handle things in a similar fashion. I’d recommend giving them a shout to find out.