Updating Meteor for days?

I’m having trouble with a specific issue with updating Meteor, and I’m also wanting to get a more solid understanding of how Meteor updating works.

  1. I installed Meteor sometime last year. Recently, I was going thru the basic Meteor tutorial, and setting up a new Meteor app … then the downloading started “Downloading 66 packages” and went on for 2 days … and still kept going !?!

meteor --version
Meteor 1.2.1

So I guess when starting a new Meteor app if you are not updated is that it automatically updates? Is this standard? Why can’t I just create an app in 1.2.1 ?

  1. Anyway, so I stopped that process, and did:

meteor update

Now it’s at “Downloading meteor-tool@1.4.0-1” and it has also been doing this for 2 - 3 days, and there is no indication of if or when it will be complete.

How big is the update and why is it taking so super long? Is this normal?

  1. Can someone offer a comprehensive explanation for the overall Meteor updating process?


Try doing ‘meteor update’ BUT not from inside an app directory.
I tried that and the “Downloading meteor-tool” issue was non-existent, meaning everything downloaded just fine.

Then, from inside the app directory, when you run the ‘meteor’ command, a message will appear recommending you to update your app, which you can do (or not) by running ‘meteor update’ from inside that app directory.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the tip. I tried ‘meteor update’ from outside the app directory, but am still getting the same result: it actually downloads the meteor tool within about 1 minute, but then that little spinner comes on and it just does that seemingly forever (?) … ?

If fact, even if I quit the process and then do:

meteor --version

from outside the app directory, it does not even tell me the meteor version anymore, but instead begins to automatically re-download the tools … and same thing again … spins apparently forever …

Oh wait! Looks like it may have actually finally completed the download!

::: meteor --version

About 4 - 5 days later …

Guess it pays to wait … :wink:

Next question (in wanting to enhance my comprehension of how Meteor updating works):

If I create an app, and then a new version of Meteor comes out, and I update Meteor outside of the app, does the app still retain it’s original version? How can I tell what version an app is using?

And can I switch between versions when creating a new app? Is there something like nvm for Meteor? Or will nvm work with Meteor?

Okay this description of the 1.4.1 updates is helpful, and can see that part of the update includes better updating! :smiley: