Updating Node Version on Meteor app hosted with Modulus.io

I opened a ticket with modulus and they weren’t very helpful. I was wondering if anyone else is running a Meteor app with them and knows how I can update to the latest stable version of node.


If you are using the latest stable Meteor version, then you are most likely to be using the version of node that meteor-tool supports, which is v0.10.36 (this version also runs locally, Meteor doesn’t by default use your system node). The version that runs on Modulus is determined by what version meteor-tool is configured to used, as demeteorizer uses that information to select what node version you use. You need to be able to get meteor-tool to use the latest stable of node, which will allow you to run demeteorizer with no modifications. This in turn will allow you to just use the modulus cli without any sort of modification to that library to run node on the modulus host with the latest version.

Keep in mind that Meteor does not work with Node 0.12!