Updating object variable on updating screen fields

I have a JS object variable storing options of multiple items (options are linked to multiple items on the screen, each having own options). I am using Blaze to dynamically and contextually show those options on the screen (text fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, and checkboxes) for each object and that works. Now I would like on each change to any of the option shown on the screen to update the corresponding object variable storing that particular option. How can that be achieved most easily?

To put it another way - I generate screen controls on the base of an object variable, but how to make changing of those controls on screen to dynamically update the object variable they are based on?

I managed do do it manually, by iterating through items in JS and generating output and then analyzing elements on the screen to update all of the text fields, select dropdowns and checkboxes. I wonder if there is any more automated way to do this? Through a collection?