Updating Old Meteor Project past 1.8.3?

I have an older Meteor project that I recently was updating from 1.6. I got to 1.9 and found that it was trying to download a file from Release v3.13.0 · sass/node-sass · GitHub that doesn’t exist.

" While loading package fourseven:scss@3.13.0:

error: Command failed: /Users/mbp3/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/. rebuild


Cannot download “https://github.com/sass/node-sass/releases/download/v3.13.0/darwin-x64-72_binding.node”:

HTTP error 404 Not Found…"

The closest file name I see is “darwin-x64-51_binding.node”

Has anyone come accross this issue?

Have you tried to remove that package and install a new one? I think that version was too old.

Yeah, it was the first thing i did. I updated it to the newest version.

I am on fourseven:scss@4.15.0 (but on Meteor 2.11)