Updating the CSS Libraries on Atmosphere

So these three libraries are my favorite CSS libraries to use with Meteor and I want them all to stay up to date :slight_smile:. So I createed an issue in their respective repo’s on Github and I am hoping that if enough people second my request we can get some movement on this front. If you could please follow the link and show your support lets see if we can get ourselves an updated Isopack on atmosphere to work with.


Semantic UI



As far as I know, these can all be pulled in from NPM and their Atmosphere wrapper packages aren’t really necessary any longer.

I was hoping somebody who knew about this would chime and correct me if i was off track here. thank you for that:)

So i do a meteor npm install on the css package i want. then how do i use the css classes and such on the client side? do i use meteorhacks:npm to make use of the the node module client side?

You should just be able to import them. Either into sass/less files as per required by the library if you with to modify things. Or directly in your JS if you are just using the compile CSS.

The guide goes into this in pretty good detail if you wanna know more…

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I think the bootstrap team might start updating the atmosphere package, so even if its not necessary i think it be nice to have things in atmosphere looking up to date :slight_smile: