Upgrade to breaks /public folder static references

I have static image/font file references placed under /public folder.
Sample folder structure

  • app
  • client
  • server
  • imports
  • public
    • img
      • img1.jpg
    • fonts

These assets are referenced in templates as relative URLs, such as /img/img1.jpg
It works great with 1.3.
But breaks when upgraded to

Without any code change, I reverted to 1.3 & everything works as expected.

Must be related to upgrade?

Can you post an example of how you’re referencing your static assets?

Here’s an example:

HTML template code

i.icon.sets-url {
width: 20px;
height: 20px;
background-image: url(/img/img1.svg);

img folder is under “public” folder.
Works perfect with 1.3…but breaks with