Upgrade your driver to a 3.0 compatible driver


I’m running Meteor locally and use mlabs as a MongoDB hosted service. In October they’ll be upgrading all hosted databases to mongoDB 3.0.

mongo --version: 2.6.5

I need to upgrade my driverto a 3.0 compatible driver locally. How do I do this on osx?


Update to Meteor 1.4, as it supports MongoDB 3.0+. Meteor 1.3 officially does not (though I successfully used standalone MongoDB 3.2 with it and didn’t have problems).


1.4 is so new, haven’t there been a lot of issue with the 1.4 release so far? What I mean is the upgrade from earlier versions of Meteor, not necessarily green field projects. What issues are people seeing with upgraded projects so far?

Also, I have other applications on my box, by upgrading to 1.4, won’t it will install MongoDB 3.0 for all applications? Or if I do a meteor update --release 1.4.1 will it just upgrade that particular directory/application to MongoDB 3.0?

My concern is, I don’t want all my applications that live on my dev box affected (upgraded to Node 4 and MongoDB 3.0) AND I would also like the chance to roll back that update to Node and MongoDB on that directory if need be.

For example, I usually create a new branch to test out releases… if the update doesn’t go well, then I just roll back the files. But in this case 1.4 actually installs updates to Node and Mongo that I do not want propagated outside the target directory and I want to be able to roll back that target directory.