Upgraded yogiben:meteor-admin to work with Meteor 1.5 - what next?

I made a fork of famous yogiben:meteor-admin package and upgraded it to work with Meteor 1.5.

  • changed language from coffeescript to javascript, to avoid some CS compilation problems like importing simpl-schema
  • upgraded dependencies (like aldeed:simpl-schema 2 core)

No big deal but I think it maybe helpful as I couldn’t find any good meteor admin panel now.

It is available here: https://github.com/ignacy130/meteor-admin (last 5 commits)

Questions (I’m pretty new to open source):

  • How to gracefully announce this move?
  • Should I publish it to AtmosphereJS?
  • If so how to name it to keep continuity? It is pure continuation of old yogiben:meteor-admin, but things may get complicated due to similar names.
  • What version should it have? It’s breaking so something like 2.0.0 - am I right?
  • Maybe I missed some good admin solution or yogiben upgrade? Year ago I used OrionJS but neither orion nor ScorpiusJS are active and I found them harder to upgrade (they are more invasive than yogiben:meteor-admin).

Any other suggestions will be very welcome!

I hope someone will find this solution helpful (as I did) and maybe engage into further development!


I would be very interested in a FlowRouter version.

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OrionJS used https://github.com/nicolaslopezj/meteor-router-layer - I guess we could use it as well. I also hope more people, more experienced with JS and MeteorJS will engage! :slight_smile:

But first I would like to setup this project to make it public on Atmosphere JS and ready to use hence my questions.

To all interested: code is available at: https://github.com/ignacy130/yadmin and package
meteor add ignacy130:yadmin
I’ll look into routing this week.

Since this is the only decent admin package available , I am sure lots of peopel be interested. I use iron_router .

Thank you very much igbacy130.

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Glad to hear that!

It’s available to use with iron-router now :wink:

But, as I read some discussions recently, (ie. Flow Router is dead. Long live Flow Router) it is important to consider flow-router as well.

I’ll work on that soon, and will try to keep compability with both routers, but if any time soon there will be some breaking change I’ll go with flow router.

As always any help will be welcome!