Upgrading Meteor 1.0.4 --> 1.1 broke Bootstrap modals

TypeError: $modal.modal is not a function

I’m not sure what’s causing this. I use nemo64:bootstrap-3 for bootstrap and now it seems as if the bootstrap js is not loading anymore. I tested adding twbs:bootstrap, but that did not work, so I removed it.

I’m not sure how to track this down… Help!?

This might be related.

Yup, I ran into that problem. I deleted custom.bootstrap.less and allowed it to be automatically rebuilt. It worked after that.

I wanted to report back with my solution as it is different from those posted above.

I reverted back to 1.0.4 and started updating packages one-by-one until modals broke. It turns out the culprit was updating mquandalle:bower from 1.3.12 to 1.3.12_3.

Thanks for your input @logician and @captsaltyjack!

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