Upgrading meteor issue (jalik:ufs/jalik:ufs-local)

$ meteor list |grep -i check
check 1.3.1 Check whether a value matches a pattern

there is a bug now, i would like to get back on the 1.3.0 version, how to do ?

You can either:

  • Edit .meteor/packages and set the version number in that file, or:
  • Enter meteor add check@1.3.0


as that did not solved my problem, now i’m trying do downgrade the whole meteor to 1.6

i tried various solutions, but all lead to errors, could you tell me the proper way ?

Either checkout a known working branch or reset to the last known working commit.

If you’re not using git or equivalent SCM tool, you’ll need to revert all updates manually. That’s not an easy process. The best way may be to start a new project using the version of Meteor you were using successfully: meteor create my-new-app --release=1.6.1 (or whatever release was working for you). Then copy your source files over (nothing from the .meteor/ folder), repopulate node_modules/ with meteor npm i.

However, you may have issues that can be solved without doing that. What errors are you getting?


that what i tried, i also did not copy the npm-shrinkwrap.json and package.json to the new project to be sure

but still i have several :
imports/ui/components/xxx/yyy.html:2: Expected <head> or <body> tag

i succed to downgrade by another way :

  • i’ve tested recent backups till found one without the bug

  • i’ve deleted the source folders and did copy my actual ones

now my app works again with the latest sources

this confirm the bug if from a package upgrade

but i dont know which one…

im now trying to move on a new meteor and solved first problem

Expected <head> or <body> tag

replacing the default package “static-html” by “blaze-html-templates” as suggested here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46272137/errors-prevented-startup-while-processing-files-with-static-html

so i identified the package which seems not compatible with 1.7 and opened an issue

and for the plugin too

here is a very weird behavior :

  • create a new project => works good

  • create a new project => bug

  • from the project i do “meteor update” => bug

(meteor update with no flag lead to the version)

  • from the project i do “meteor update --release” => works good

if i specify with the --release flag, then the update do not make the bug occur :face_with_thermometer:

what difference does it make to add the --release flag ?