Upgrading Meteor Starter (Pure JS) to 1.2 - less dependencies issue

Hi folks,
Loving Meteor so far.
I’m starting a new project and saw the Meteor Starter project as a great starting point as it has the great admin system and CRUD operations (including ‘favouriting’ and commenting on posts).

The Meteor starter originally is in coffeescript but I found this branched version using pure JS which I’d prefer to use.

Works perfectly, love it so far. But it is an update behind I believe, as meteor keeps telling me to “meteor update” to 1.2.

When I type that into my terminal, I get errors about packages relying on less dependencies or something -

Conflict: Constraint less@1.0.5 is not satisfied by less 2.5.1.
Constraints on package “less”:

  • less@=2.5.1 <- top level
  • less@1.0.8 <- yogiben:alerts 0.0.2
  • less@1.0.8 <- yogiben:user-helpers 0.0.8
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:autoform-modals 0.3.5
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:favorites 0.0.4
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:comments 0.1.0
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:notifications 0.0.6
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:autoform-file 0.2.5
  • less@1.0.11 <- yogiben:admin 1.1.2
  • less@2.5.0_1 <- multiply:iron-router-progress 1.0.2
  • less@1.0.5 <- bootstrap 0.3.1
  • less@2.5.0_1 <- accounts-ui 1.1.6
  • less@2.5.0_1 <- accounts-ui-unstyled 1.1.8 <- accounts-ui 1.1.6

That comes up multiple times for different less versions.

I’ve googled quite a bit but haven’t been able to find a solution that works for me thus far.

Anyone have any experience with upgrading the less package or something similar?


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@patrickbolle how did you solve it mate ?

Hey @kaiyes ,
I ended up converting the newest release of meteor-starter from coffeescript to pure JS.
I’m trying to get to the github link but github seems to be down. I’ve got it up on a repo under my account, I’ll let you know when github is back up and ill post the link here!

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Hey! Github is finally back up, here’s the link with the updated version : https://github.com/patrickbolle/meteor-starter-purejs

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