Upgrading Meteor to Node.js v10 when it reaches LTS status


Hello! I noticed this line in the blog post announcing the release of Meteor v1.6:

Meteor will likely update directly to Node.js 10 as soon as it reaches LTS status in October 2018.

Has anyone started on this? What do you think the biggest challenges will be?

EDIT: just found this relevant (unmerged) PR from last month: Update Node to version 8.12.0. benjamn said:

I’m not sure what version of Meteor the Node 8.12.0 changes will land in, given the uncertainty of the Node release timeline, and given that #9942 is looking pretty stable these days. We’ll put this PR into a milestone once we have a better idea about the timing.


I’m not aware of the core, but I am very much interested about the threads in Node 10


It looks like 8.12.0 will include the fix for the “fiber bomb” problem. See also this comment on the relevant Meteor PR.


As written when Node.js 10 reaches LTS you will see the next Meteor version with it. If you want to help @benjamn you can start a pull request with the initial work. I think that will be much appreciated.


Node.js 10.13.0 became the LTS version yesterday (2018-10-30).

See the changelog here:


I have created a feature request on Github: "Update Meteor to Node.js 10".

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