Upgrading meteor


I have picked up a project that uses Meteor for the last 2 or 3 years, and its marketplace where we sell courses.
At the moment we are currently in the version METEOR@1. 4.1.3, but we would like to upgrade to the latest, unfortunately we are highly dependent on the bot crawling so making the SSR a must. We are using the kadira: flow-router-ssr for that purpose, but when we try to upgrade, we can’t continue to use that package for the SSR, and I was wondering if there other solutions for react SSR using the latest stable version of Meteor?

Thanks and any help are highly appreciated.


Afaik, Meteor has its own SSR implementation now!(hooray!)

See this SSR blogpost

Meteor docs on server render


Hey @iamfeek Thanks alot i will take a look into it.

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