Upgrading Node.js in Meteor

In case you missed it - @benjamn talks about upgrading Node.js in Meteor at the latest Meteor Night:


Hi Ben ( @benjamn )

do you have a git tag or hash for me I can use to see just but the complete list of changes/commits you made for WIP on node4 and node6?

I am at the final of the ARM fork vor ARMv6 and ARMv7.

Node4 (maybe) or node6 would have a chance to enable meteor also on the ARMv8 (64bit) architecture. I would like to do some invest there because those procs are (imho) some sort of the “new” server rack generation. I am pretty happy to have an active dev and test account on the linaro servers to check that architecture as well.

Thanks for a short comment

He has two open PRs for the upgrades to 4 and 6 respectively

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Hey Brady ( @bwhitty )

thanks for that info, hadn’t seen that.


Here are the changes common to both branches:

~/meteor% git fetch origin
~/meteor% git cherry -v origin/release-1.3.3 origin/wip-upgrade-node
+ 2160de8316061829774338cc8b5aea86424e249d Download prebuilt Node binaries from npmjs.org instead of s3.
+ 161e7afde013796c901593d82e8d80091049e942 Upgrade fstream dev bundle dependency to version 1.0.8.
+ a0ba7ed60c2c2c903600ffccb25878964f074d89 Make meteor shell help text robust across Node versions.
+ dda1d26c25811f63e7db677c1773aea461b75497 Use `npm dedupe` instead of npm@3 on Windows.
+ 65aaba4af2a8d3196da8eed982c188f7fc34276d Use fibers@1.0.10 now that our Windows fork has been merged.
+ dc271858cbd9f14a40556dfe0e4a2d58357b9acb Upgrade node-inspector to the latest version.
+ da98fe2a3adbbcb940af97fa6407bb77a8d3a50e Unfortunately `npm dedupe` fails when generating Windows dev bundle.
+ df89594a45431047b599f3bf3fc92f73f7ac531e Go back to using npm@3 when building Windows dev bundle.

And here are the additional changes for each branch separately:

~/meteor% git cherry -v origin/wip-upgrade-node origin/wip-upgrade-to-node-4 
+ 963836d02c151a6860741ffc14eaa0a46bd5b7d5 Include Node 4.4.3 in dev bundle.
+ 9bc6f9a3d857606510d2fb0e4ef312174529862b Bump $BUNDLE_VERSION to 4.0.0 for Node 4 upgrade branch.

~/meteor% git cherry -v origin/wip-upgrade-node origin/wip-upgrade-to-node-6
+ 776349d38a175f71adc50e84708f28ae87a4983b Don't install npm3 for Node versions that already have it.
+ 4ec77ce7b0922ae224b645bf2a87f34576817726 Include Node 6.0.0 in dev bundle.
+ ed6e382843caf1d3568f4d10503fcc5b96e884e3 Bump $BUNDLE_VERSION to 6.0.0 for Node 6 upgrade branch.
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Thanks Ben for pointing me to the right hashes!

So excited for this! Often had to work around missing and subtly-broken things in Node 0.10, and it’s much easier to profile running processes in the later node versions.

Is it possible to upgrade from node 4.6.2 to node 4.7.2 in meteor?