Upload file on "Meteor + Vue (Element UI)"?

I base on Meteor + Vue (Element UI).
Please help me how to upload file???

You can use meteor-uploads , the package is deprecated and it needs a maintainer but it is a great package, I am still using it and it works fine though it will be great if some good people maintained it.

You can create custom templates(Blaze) since you are using Vue you will need a way of rendering that template to vue, there is a couple of packages that easily do that ( This is one of them ).

The meteor-uploads has a very good documentation.

Not completely related to Vue.js but these links helped me. I hope they will for your case.

@borntodev has the right package recommendation.

For file management I also recomend Collection.Grid, it’s functions can be imported without much issue.

Just follow this documentation

Where event.target.files is related to value in HTML.

Remember that uploading a file can also be done using FileReader which is Web API, framework agnostic (same in react, Vue, Angular, etc).

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