Upload files to different directories

I have a test app where I’m trying to create file upload directories. The basic app structure is found here:


Each document in the collection is associated with a single job. Upon creating a job on the website, I want the server to create a directory at /<meteor base>/jobs/<document id>/

Then on the website, I want users to be able to upload files, which will be uploaded to the correct directory depending on which job they’re uploading for

The database will store information about where these files are stored (absolute paths), but not files themselves

How does one achieve this with meteor?

I took a quick look at collectionFS (https://github.com/CollectionFS/Meteor-CollectionFS) but it seems to suggest you create a new mongodb collection which is associated with a single path on the filesystem. My case, however, has multiple different upload directories as its split up by job, and I want the Jobs collection to store information about uploads and not create a separate collection for uploads