Upload profile image (Blaze OR Vue)


What is the best way to upload a profile image?

Do i need a packets or with some custom code?

Link to a edit user page example?


There are quite a few packages for uploading files… I personally prefer Cloudinary since it allows you to programmatically modify the image on the fly via the URL as well as caches and serves each version of the image via CDN. They have a very generous free plan that lets you get up and running with ease.

If this is the route you are looking to take, I’ve recently published socialize:cloudinary which is fully updated with an API made to be used with async/await and it completely frontend agnostic.

If not, you can try other packages on atmoshpere such as…


Also, the socialize:cloudinary package is in use in the Socialize Demo project if you need usage examples.


What about just a simple upload to the server? and set the image name in the meteor user document, is that not possible or a okay way to do it?


You can use ostrio:files for uploads to your server, and while this works ok, I personally don’t recommend it unless your project has minimal traffic due to the performance implications.


search forums for slingshot this topic has been raised a million times