Uploaded Images are lost after Meteor deploy

Hi there,

everytime i deploy a new version of my app to xyxy.meteor.com my uploaded Images are broken and gone.

I assume it has something to do with the path of the uploaded images?

var artefactImageStore = new FS.Store.FileSystem(‘artefactImages’, {});

artefactImages = new FS.Collection(‘artefactImages’, {
stores: [artefactImageStore]

On Meteor.com i can not access any directory outside the .meteor folder? Is this correct?

Ist there any way to keep the uploaded images?


I would suggest using an external datastore like amazon S3
i think meteor.com erases after a new deploy.

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Yes thats what i would like to know.

If meteor erases all stuff and only keeps the mongo db.

Meanwhile i am trying cfs:dropbox.

cfs:gridfs did the trick! :smile: