Uploading an image from an API

Hey all, I have a separate app that is uploading an image to a Meteor project.

In Meteor, I receive the blob:

WebApp.connectHandlers.use("/api/uploadImage", function(req, res, next) {
	console.log("UPLOADING AN IMAGE!");
	console.log(req.body); // Outputs: blob:http://localhost:50000/4418e2b9-9765-4d51-818e-79aa748a5a27

I need ultimately to send this to Cloudinary, which have no issue doing with a regular Meteor form image.

I don’t know enough about Blobing. And it has to come in as a blob… So what now?

Ahhh farts, turns out Blobs… I gota convert that to a Base64 and then upload that via AJAX.

But that is limited to 2000 characters, so I gota loop it.

Fun night ahead…