Uppercase/ lowercase namespace naming


Hey there!

Just wondering if I should use App.Collections.Users or App.collections.users.
I often have a look at Telecope and they use Telescope.callbacks.add.

My collections itself are Uppercase and everything else is camelCase, while I name my files with-hyphens.

What do you think?


The namespaces I’m used to, from either Java, PHP, JS, are always lowercase first. I think that should fly better with most people. Uppercasing the first letter of the root of the “namespace” I think is acceptable if it represents “The Thing”, like Meteor.foo or Telescope.bar. But using lowercase even there wouldn’t feel wrong at least to me. Many libraries and frameworks do it like that in JS-land. You also don’t see things like npm modules usually go with anything uppercase, except if you import a constructor function (i.e. a “class”).