[Urgent] Disabling Accounts Login Resume Token Updates


Hello all,

Currently, I’m running into some DB bottlenecks in my application around the constant updates by written to the users.services.resume field.

Is this something I can disable? Large volumes of users are causing some serious queuing on this collection.


Is this resulting from a large number of logins/registrations? I feel like the field isn’t written in any other case.


Yes. We have a lot of users, all of whom are automatically logged in.


Do they have to be logged in on every page load? Maybe you could detect if they are logged out, and only then try to log them in again.


Yep, already doing that actually.

Its just when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of users even 20% of
them not having sessions means a massive spike in writes that I don’t need
to happen.

At this point I’m leaning towards pulling all of my Accounts integration
and just handling it with custom code that only writes sessions to memory.