Urgent Kadira Update


Today, we had an issue with connecting to Kadira mostly from apps hosted at modulus. But it turns out that, it’s not a modulus problem but a problem on the AWS DNS resolver. It couldn’t identify kadira’s DNS entry which is engine.kadira.io.

So, we’ve added another DNS entry point for kadira called enginex.kadira.io and it’ll fix the issue.

Since this is an AWS issue, this affects most of the Kadira deployments including apps hosted on *.meteor.com, modulus and heroku.

How to get the fix



Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t understand the cause for the problem, though. Why did the domain name suddenly start returning NXDOMAIN? Was a DNS record inadvertently deleted?

Yesterday, we update a DNS entry. We do it time to time.

Somehow, it got updated everywhere but not in AWS’s resolver.
That was the issue.

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An email with warning and explanations should be sent to all your customers.

My apologies. Found the email in spam folder.

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Oh! That’s unfortunate.