Urgent: Meteor login with discord

Is Meteor supports to login with discord ?? if yes, can you show me an example please??

Thank’s for your help

Yes it is. Try this package:


@cloudspider Thank’s, is there any documentation for this package or example (I saw it before but it seems there is no documentation on it on github).

Thank’s for you help.

Hmmz that’s a pitty indeed. A quick look tells me that the package follows the same standards as the other oauth packages like Facebook and Twitter. You might be able to configure it by following their docs: https://guide.meteor.com/accounts.html#supported-login-services

I will be able to provide more info later on, but I’m working atm on something. So just drop a message here and I will try to help you in a couple of hours.

@cloudspider Thank’s a lot

@cloudspider please can I ve an example to follow, I’m still struggling

Hey sorry. Bit busy atm:

Step 1: Install the package

meteor add lichthagel:accounts-discord

Step 2: Create a discord client ID and client secret

Via: https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/

Step 3: Create a discord service configuration
Somewhere in your server files:

  { service: 'discord' },
    $set: {
      loginStyle: "popup",
      clientId: "<discordClientId>", 
      secret: "<discordSecret>"

Step 4: Implement login button
When the button is clicked, you should call this method on the client:

  requestPermissions: ['identify', 'email', 'connections', 'guilds', 'guilds.join']
}, (error) => {
  if (error) {
    // Do some error handling stuff