Us-east is down


…is down, yet the status page does not reflect this. This has made a nightmare of my evening, especially since galaxys non-$300 package support wouldnt even respond and tell me this is why im getting network errors on my deployment and login/logout commands. How can I get an accurate update of the server status? And is there any workaround for deployment?



Sorry for the confusion you’ve encountered! The correct dashboard URL for Galaxy’s us-east-1 region is, not the one you’ve listed above. Maybe you’re mixing up the link that shows up right when you’re starting a meteor deploy:

Talking to Galaxy servers at

…with the link that comes after the bundle upload is complete, which says:

Visit<domain> to check the status of your app.

I can certainly see how this might be confusing, but it would be good to know if this is what led you astray!

Galaxy us-east-1 was not down during the time period you’re referencing, but that incorrect URL might give that impression.


The same links began working the next morning…


Interesting. Just to be clear though, the (incorrect) link you listed as “down” ( still doesn’t work, even right now.


It loads the page, but the login does not work. Maybe that’s why the misunderstanding happened.